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Eugene Nosko

The paper Venux said:

This document describes a working computer system for an emerging new world, advocated by The Venus Project, supported by The Zeitgeist Movement and put into practice by The Fresco City Project.
The system is designed to solve key problems with today’s society and also suggests the complete re-design of the modern network also known as The Internet.
The goals of Venux are:
  1. Preservation of human history
  2. Unification of information into useful, single system
  3. Intelligent automation of physical tasks world/universe-wide
  4. Freedom and accessibility of information for everyone
  5. Simplification of programming at core so it will be easy to learn and use

Eugene Nosko was the author of this article and is core software developer for BitOfAll where he is designing new concepts for database and security solutions.
Eugene authored xSQL Database Engine.
He previously designed a set of applications for the Internet Search Engine. General purpose database engines such as MySQL and Oracle were not suitable for the task so custom database technology was invented as well as web crawler, content indexer, content cleanup systems, and various XML interfaces for PHP+Apache. The engine was able to crawl and index millions of web pages and perform lightning fast proximity search over it. Engine was also able to search information in many different forms such as titles, by text, URLs, and Boolean eradication.
He also designed a Money Transfer platform similar to Western Union and the MoneyGram system. His software allowed sending money securely to any number of locations which could be managed from the head office. Unlimited number of locations and employees could be managed with easy GUI wizards. Client/Server style application used 40 cryptographic symmetric algorithms as well as asymmetric RSA to perform secure authentication over the internet. Security of the software was approved by two Georgian banks.
Read his LinkedIn profile.