Advisory Board

Dr. Fabrizio Maria Maggi

Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Ph.D. is Senior Researcher at the University of Tartu.
Fabrizio’s areas of research span process modeling and process analysis. He has coauthored more than 80 articles on process mining, automated revision of business process models, declarative business process modeling, monitoring of business constraints at runtime, service oriented architectures, service choreographies, and service composition.
His papers include Monitoring business constraints with linear temporal logic: An approach based on colored automata, Runtime verification of LTL-based declarative process models, Aligning event logs and declarative process models for conformance checking, A framework for the systematic comparison and evaluation of compliance monitoring approaches, Predictive monitoring of business processes, Declare: A Tool Suite for Declarative Workflow Modeling and Enactment, Smart technologies for long-term stress monitoring at work, Discovering data-aware declarative process models from event logs, and An operational decision support framework for monitoring business constraints.
Fabrizio earned his Master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Naples Federico II and his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Bari Aldo Moro in 2010.
View his Google Scholar page. Read his LinkedIn profile and his ResearchGate profile.