Advisory Board

Fernando Garcilita Núñez

Fernando Garcilita Núñez is a seasoned executive, business owner, serial entrepreneur, customs agent, and international logistics operator. He is the CEO and Founder at PetroM Corp, an International Multi-Industry Holding.

Fernando has over twenty years of expertise providing robust international trade services to clientele in highly-demanding industries such as oil & gas, pharmaceutical, automotive, agribusiness, military equipment, and intelligence technology.

At PetroM Corp, Fernando is the President & CEO. It is a multi-industry holding that encompasses a variety of operative divisions such as PetroM Logistics, PetroM Intelligence Systems, PetroM Trading, PetroM Energy, and PetroM Pharma.

Fernando also serves as the Vice President & Cofounder of PetroM Renewable, another division of PetroM Corp.

PetroM Corp has established and located itself at the most important entry ports of Mexican territory for its international trade operation which includes air, land, sea, and rail capacities.

Founded in 2015, PetroM Corp’s vertical integration allows the delivery of their products on time, by controlling, sourcing, and managing the allocation of merchandise through significant infrastructure, and integral risk-management operations. Logistics and Supply Chain are the core of their business.

PetroM Intelligence Systems (Industrias de Defensa Especializada México S.A. de C.V.) is a defense and intelligence company, a division of PetroM Corp, based on aerospace, terrestrial, maritime, and on-site technology.

With more than 27 years of experience in international trade, in addition to being a registered importer for the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA) and for the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) in Mexico, they have a positive historical performance.

PetroM Energy is headquartered in Mexico City and in Laredo, Texas, and stands out as a key international marketer and a highly specialized supplier of refined products such as diesel and jet fuel in Mexico.

PetroM Energy offers services of marketing and processing of refined products. They have transloading terminals in Hidalgo, Monterrey, Guadalajara, León, Veracruz, and San Luis Potosí. PetroM Energy is developing a project for its first maritime terminal in the port of Coatzacoalcos.

PetroM Trading offers transnational commerce solutions and was established in 2019 in Mexico City and is focused on highly-competitive merchandise for global commerce operations. Its core industries are agriculture, automotive, robotics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

PetroM Trading is positioned as a transcontinental key performer in global general trading.

PetroM Pharma is an R&D, trading, and retail company focused on expanding innovation for the medical science industry. Its primary goal is to empower the next-generation health system by making products available for disease prevention, treatment, and also to increase the available tools for optimal clinical prognosis.

PetroM Pharma covers a selected group of products to address the needs of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, sarcopenia, atherosclerosis, muscle dystrophy, autoimmune diseases, as well as covering neurodegenerative dysfunctions, and other neuropathic ailments.

They offer cutting-edge medical solutions for the extension of the human health span, contributing to the healthcare sector in alliance with international medical academies & organizations, as well as offering clinical attention through its network of clinics and hospitals across the territory of Mexico and Latin America. They envision a global acceptance of novel medical solutions developed in Mexico for a truly effective and universally integrated medical practice, with the prevention of disease as a basis.

PetroM Renewable is a Mexican R&D and Education company focused on clean energy products. With the goal of improving how our society faces its energy demands, the company is committed to providing safe-to-use, scientifically proven, and high energy conversion ratio products and services.

They believe that professional clean energy production supported by solid scientifically-proven evidence should be the beacon that guides every effort towards improving the energy consumption issues of our society.

They contribute to connecting and integrating researchers, energy professionals, institutions, home & business owners, and the energy industry, in general, with solutions and knowledge that help improve the way we consume energy.

Fernando is also a member of Singularity University since 2019, a member of the Advisory Board in International Trade of The Solomon Brokerage Firm, and a Cofounding Partner at Mass Media Division since 2018.

Fernando earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in International Business, Trade, and Commerce in 2004, from Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Visit his LinkedIn profile, his company pages, Petrom Logistics, Petrom Intelligence, and his Angel.Co profile. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.