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Francesco Da Vinci

Francesco Da Vinci is a photographer, writer, and cosmologist. He is the author of I Refuse to Kill: My Path to Nonviolent Action in the 1960s. His hobbies include travel, movies, and the space program.
Francesco’s photo images make him an internationally recognized artist. From subways to respected art galleries, his work has been the topic of conversation over the years. His celebrity, fashion, and dance photography joins the many cannons of respected visual art and includes intimate poses of famous names such as Sarah Jessica Parker and The Dali Lama, as well as dance icons Mikhail Baryshnikov and Julie Kent.
He started his career in Los Angeles where he was among the top photographers in the city working with A-List celebrities. His background also includes motion picture and television photography as well as supplying work for major publications including Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Dance Magazine, and many others.
Francesco earned his BA in Social Psychology at the University of Maryland College Park. He completed two years graduate work in Social Psychology at the U.S. International University (San Diego).
Watch his YouTube channel. Browse his photo website. Browse the website for his historical memoir. Visit his Facebook and Instagram pages. Read his LinkedIn profile.