Advisory Board

Dr. Francisco Palao Reinés

Francisco Palao Reinés, MBA, Ph.D. is CEO at IActive. He is a serial technological entrepreneur with over 10 years experience creating tech and Internet startups. He sold his first startup and recently raised over $5 million for new ventures.
His current company, IActive, is focused on Adaptive Case Management (ACM) technology. ACM technology is used for developing software to manage complex decision making processes and for developing intelligent personal assistants. IActive develops ACM software applications using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. IActive also provides its award-winning proprietary ACM technology to other developers.
His papers include Efficiently handling temporal knowledge in an HTN planner, Bringing users and planning technology together. Experiences in SIADEX, A middle-ware for the automated composition and invocation of semantic web services based on temporal HTN planning techniques, SIADEX: An interactive knowledge-based planner for decision support in forest fire fighting, Reducing the impact of AI planning on end users, and Local (human-centered) replanning in the SIADEX framework.
Francisco earned his MSc in Computer Science at the University of Granada (Spain) in 2004. He earned his MBA at Instituto Empresa Business School, Madrid (Spain) in 2010. He earned his Ph.D in Computer Science at University of Granada (Spain) in 2011. He graduated Singularity University in 2011.
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