Advisory Board

Frank Stratford

Frank Stratford is CEO of MarsDrive.
Frank lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. His interests and skills were focused on the subjects of space exploration since the age of 8 when the space shuttle first started operating. Frank started work at an early age and following 15 years running his own business in horticulture and design he went onto senior level management experience within the automotive technology industry with his own company before moving into the IT and Retail sector in the position of Research & Development Manager at APS with qualifications in the Financial Services Sector. Parallel to this he had been active in training, sales, and marketing creative roles for several companies.
His intense interest in space and Mars lead him to leadership roles at “Red Colony” and the “Mars Society” where from Red Colony in 2005 he founded “MarsDrive” and has been working diligently at overcoming the issues that hold humanity back from a potential future in space. Along with organizing for such events as ISDC or lecturing at Mars Society conferences he has also been published in articles and a recent book on Mars and space exploration, some of which can be found in publications such as the Australian ‘Sky and Telescope’, “Metro UK”, “The Space Review”, and “Red Colony”.
On the subject of what we can do to get into space Frank has stated, “The future of our expansion into space and onto Mars is really up to each of us as individuals. If there remains no generation to step up to make the decision to go, who will?” As CEO of MarsDrive his vision is to see a crewed Mars mission and settlements within the next two decades with a focus on enabling cheap access to space.
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