Advisory Board

Geo Scripcariu, MBA

Geo Scripcariu, MBA is District 9 Marketing Director, Europe, Space Colony Earth.
He is an experienced, visionary, creative Senior PR Consultant, former Coca-Cola External Affairs Manager in Romania Region, and Booz * Allen & Hamilton, Inc. Public Relations Director, advisor for top Oil & Gas firm, member since 1997 of the Public Relations Society of America.
His consulting experience includes also employment as Public Relations Specialist with the Washington D.C. based legal consultancy Financial Markets International, Inc., as well as with the Tokyo based Overseas Cooperation Development Institute and Pacific Consultants International, Inc.
Geo was employed also as PR and Communications Director with Grupul SAP Integrator Romania and as Account Manager / Global Markets with the Business Solutions Department of SOFTWIN. He worked with high-profile individuals and executives in the successful resolution of difficult corporate issues, specializing in those involving Media Relations, Social Media, PR Measurement, integrated Marketing PR Communications, External and Governmental Affairs, and Business Development in projects spanning several industries.
Geo spearheaded a large number of nationally prominent Marketing PR integrated campaigns involving some of the globally best-known brands.
Recently, he was involved in Romania in large scale energy efficiency investment projects funded by the EU & EBRD as well as by the World Bank, and last year he was the only Romanian accepted at the prestigious Singularity University at the NASA Ames base in Mountain View, California, which aims to leverage the power of exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges.
Currently, Geo is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in “Open Source” Urbanism. He is fluent in English, French, and Japanese.
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