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Graham Partis

Graham Partis works as a teacher and pursues his interests in theoretical physics and space development through his Benji Bear and Friends network. Graham has acted in various advisory, editorial or representative roles for various groups related to space development. These include Mars Initiative, PostScience Institute, Kepler Space Institute, Earth-Shield, World Space Agency, International Space Agency, and the PhoSolar company.
For the last 30 years Graham has worked mostly in IT and education industries in various roles including the family business “Partis Consulting”.
In 2000, he approached UNE to write a paper on multi-D quantum physics based on ideas similar to Bars 2T Physics he developed at age nine or ten. His paper evolved into an two reading unit essay applying game theory to quantum mechanics, studying under Peter Forrest and Arcady Blinov, after which he was approached by Arcady to co-write an academic paper on the subject.
At the same time Graham also achieved a perfect exam score in “Persons” related to philosophy of identity, resulting in a “letter of commendation” for outstanding achievement in Philosophy studies. Between 2000 and 2011 (when not augmenting his teaching qualifications) he fine-tuned his ideas and recently began converting them into a publishable form.
As well as Peter and Arcady he has also had support and assistance from Rod Girle who taught him Modal Logic’s Possible Worlds math. In 2011 Graham was honored by some emails from Professor Itzhak Bars and Steve Weinstein who assisted him with the two time aspects of his theories. Later he discussed ideas with Brian Whitworth and Scott Tyson on shared aspects of their theories.
Graham provided some assistance on Rob Lowe’s book The Eccentric Universe and Rob has been very encouraging of his writing ambitions.

Eddie Maloof introduced Graham to Frank Wilczek who offered to review some of his work. Graham is developing ideas in Virtualism or VR Conjecture. In March 2012, Phil Dowe invited Graham to join his philosophy of Time masterclass at the University of Queensland.
Graham’s long term dreams include gaining a Ph.D. in Philosophy or building a time machine so he can visit the future and bring back a pill that cures old age.
His specialties include Degree level expertise in Philosophy, Cognitive Science & Psychology, Computing, Information Science, Mathematics, & Theoretical Physics.
His research areas include: TOEs, Mind-Body, Time Travel, Godel Incompleteness, Possible Worlds, Agency, & Idealism.
Graham earned his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Griffith University, Australia in 1998. He earned his RPL Philosophy degree in Mind / Cognitive Science at the University of New England, USA in 2000.
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