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Gray Scott

Gray Scott is a Futurist, Techno-Philosopher, Speaker, and Writer. He is the founder and CEO of SeriousWonder, a professional member of The World Future Society, and the co-organizer for the NY Futurists Meetup.
Gray has been featured in and interviewed by the New York Post, Psychology Today, The Star, The Futurist Magazine, H+ Magazine, IEET, Brighter Brains, Media Disruptus, London Futurists, and The One Way Ticket show. He is a frequent keynote speaker and has spoken at LucidNYC, Connector Con NYC, and The Longevity Conference held recently in Washington DC. He lives in NY and is currently working on his first book about the future of technology and consciousness.
He is quickly becoming widely recognized as one of the most exciting, inspiring and controversial futurists of our time, speaking and writing on a variety of futuristic subjects including: life extension, artificial wombs, sexbots, techno-philosophy, mind-to-machine technologies, artificial intelligence and cyborgs, future technologies, 3D and 4D printing, future digital consciousness, wearable technologies, longevity, digital brain preservation, post human philosophy, transhumanism, the technological singularity, human enhancement economy, immortality and future implications, and biomimetic design.
Gray authored 5 Future Forecasts that will Change the World.
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