Advisory Board

Dr. Hal Myers

Hal Myers, Ph.D. is Cofounder and President of Thought Technology Ltd.
Hal conceived of and designed the original Thought Technology products, including the world’s best selling (over 600,000) GSR2 biofeedback home trainer. Since then, he has defined and directed all new product development at Thought Technology.
Hal earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, and his Doctorate in Experimental Medicine (a combination of Behavioral medicine, Cardiology, and Biomedical Engineering) from McGill University.
His doctorate and post-doctoral research involved using biofeedback to control pain in general and then specifically for Angina Pectoris. In addition, he received training in psychophysiology and saw a wide variety of patients for principally behavioral problems in which biofeedback was the primary or adjunctive treatment.
Since 1980, he has devoted his time to new product development, regulatory affairs, and all the issues related to jointly running what is currently a 53 person company. He also enjoys working with clinicians to discuss new applications and protocols, and is very interested in future technological trends.
On the personal side, Hal is an avid photographer, and enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, rowing, cross country and downhill skiing, and other outdoor sports. He also enjoys a healthy lifestyle including a mostly vegetarian diet, and spends the greater part of the six warm summer months working from his island home, 60 miles north of Montreal.