Advisory Board

Henrik Scheel, MSc

Henrik Scheel, MSc is Founder and CEO at Startup Experience.
Henrik is a passionate Danish entrepreneur currently focused on reinventing entrepreneurship education. During his engineering studies he founded two companies and was a strategy consultant for several large Danish corporations.
He was previously Cofounder and CEO at SPUTNiK5; Ambassador at Nova 100; Cleantech Advisor at Innovation Center Denmark; Innovator, Global Research, and Innovation at Vestas; Sales representative and event manager at IDA; Participant at Grundfos Challenge 08 at Grundfos; and Project manager at University of Aarhus.
Henrik now focuses on his startup Startup Experience where he runs innovation workshops for business professionals and teaches entrepreneurship to students around the world. He is a charismatic speaker with a good sense of humor and a talent for understanding his audience.
The Startup Experience is a new framework to teach high-growth entrepreneurship and customer driven innovation through gaming. By utilizing the dynamics from gaming, the participants are fully engaged in the learning process and get inspired to come up with great startup ideas.
Henrik coauthored Why early implementation of a Knowledge Management System can support the growth of R&D-driven SMEs.
Henrik earned his Bachelor’s in Business Development Engineering at Aarhus University, Denmark in 2009. He earned his Master of Science in Engineering (Technology Based Business Development) at Aarhus University, Denmark in 2011.
Watch How the Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Change You: Henrik Scheel at TEDxSacramento, SPUTNiK5 Intel Workshop, and SVC2M: Panel Session #4: Globally born startups. Read his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.