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Inara Tabir

Inara Tabir is CEO at Galaxies Aerospace, Futurist, and Influencer focused on bridging the wider public for engagement with space entrance based industry. Her interests and speaking subjects range from A.I., Mars, Space, and Futurism to Aerospace. She is Cohost at Cosmic Waves and plans to be the first transwoman in Space. She is also founder of Unstoppable Space (an organization allowing the public to fund and direct the space movement directly) and The Multiplanetary Society (a non-profit organization dedicated to making humanity multi-planetary by 2035).

Inara founded Galaxis Aerospace in 2009. This is a company within the OpenSpace movement, the successor to the NewSpace movement. They believe space is for everyone and they work with their partners through a unique network of space industry companies, private space organizations, media, and STEM education hubs in order to connect the public with the possibilities of full-time human habitation in space.

Inara has been Cohosting the Cosmic Waves with Space Case Sarah on IROC radio featured on iHeartRadio and streamed at GoingToSpace as well.

In May of 2021, Inara became Chair of The Board of Directors at Gaaays In Spaaace, a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to promoting the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion in both science fiction storytelling and real-life sciences as well.

In 2021, she also became Chairperson of the Board at the Moon Society, Insider at Space Hero, Media Outreach Officer at, Community Liaison at LiftPort Group, and Industry Liaison at AVISA Space, the world’s first online booking platform for space travel.

LiftPort Group is committed to leading the frontier of human expansion into space. Their Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure project aims to create a permanent system on the Moon that is reusable, replaceable, and expandable, to open up the resources present on the Moon, expand our presence in space, and improve life here on Earth.’s mission is to produce a theoretical study followed by implementation of a practical solution to harness energy from solar flux, to provide energy to the space habitat to perform ISRU and/or establish a space colony without being dependent on the limited sources of non-renewable energy, and to establish a global supply of green, renewable energy.

Inara is also SpaceBorn United’s Advisor and OpenSpace Consultant. SpaceBorn United is the first biotech and mission development company that will safeguard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space by 2021, make conception in space feasible by 2023, and enable real human birth in space by 2028.

In 2019, Inara founded the Spacer Outpost platform, a constructive space for spacer-lovers to connect and build together. Inara is also Copernic Space Ambassador helping to democratize Space.

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