Advisory Board

Jacob Hansen, MSc

Jacob Hansen, MSc is Cofounder at CrowdCurity and Cofounder at BitcoinFilm.
CrowdCurity is a marketplace for web security. They crowdsource security testers and connect them with businesses. They basically do bug bounty programs as-a-service.
BitcoinFilm does short documentaries about regular people and how bitcoin impacts their life. BitcoinFilm is a nonprofit project run by volunteers.
Jacob was previously Developer at Xinergia, Consultant at Accenture, Analyst at Accenture, Digital Executive at Starcom MediaVest Group, and Analyst at HSH Nordbank.
Jacob earned his BSc in Economics and Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School in 2007. He earned his MSc in Applied Economics and Finance at Copenhagen Business School in 2009. He earned his Master’s in IT, Software Construction at the University of Copenhagen in 2013.
Watch Jacob Hansen’s CrowdCurity for Web Security, Jacob Hansen, CEO of CrowdCurity at Coinsummit, and Jacob Hansen’s CrowdCurity for Web Security. Read his AngelList profile, GitHub profile, and LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.