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Jacqueline Druga

Jacqueline Druga is the host of The Apocalypse Nana Show. She has been obsessed with any and all types of apocalypse scenarios for as long as she can recall.
While Jacqueline has dabbled in disaster through her writing, her obsession led her on a path of learning and she absorbed all the information she could on how to survive each and every type of event. Her writing specialty is apocalypse fiction. She has appeared on the History Channel as a bio-warfare expert.
Her books include A Path to Utopia (The Last Mile Book 1), Immune, Sleepers, Contagious, Pursuit of Creed (Beginnings Series Book 18), Blessed Irony (Beginnings Series Book 19), Bringing in Lodi (Beginnings Series Book 20), Protocol One (Protocol One Saga), Last Woman, Last Woman 2, The Experiments: The Trilogy, When the Ashes Fall, The Forgotten, Torn, Cry, The Last Mile Trilogy, Sealed In, The Flu (A Novel of the Outbreak), I’ll Cry Alone, And the Heavens Shall Fall, and Nodding. Read the full list of her books!
Jacqueline brings her experiences to her readers and listeners in a down to earth, easy to understand, and often humorous manner.
Watch her YouTube channel. Read Interview With Jacqueline Druga, Author of The Flu, Super MegaPocalyptic Interview With Jackie Druga, and Destroyer of Worlds: 8 Questions With Author Jacqueline Druga. Read her Amazon profile. View her Facebook page. Follow her Twitter feed.