Advisory Board

Jeremiah Bilas

Jeremiah Bilas is founder of Beijing Technium and Early Childhood Educator at Best Learning English.
The goal of Beijing Technium 帝都科魂 is to foster an environment where people from various fields can network and produce ideas which will lead China, and the world, towards a positive Singularity. A positive Singularity would be an inclusive moment in the near future — most futurists peg this moment about 2045 — when we have surpassed human intelligence, achieved radical life extension, and live in an age of abundance.
Best Learning English is a total English immersion training institute established in 2008. At present Best Learning has over thirty centers nationwide, with over 20,000 families enjoying the Best Learning experience. The most advanced and innovative American teaching philosophy is provided to the children of China by Best Learning. Traditional American Kindergarten (ages 2–6) and primary school (ages 7–12) curriculum is the heart of Best Learning’s educational structure.
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