Advisory Board

Professor Jerry E. Fluellen, Jr.

Jerry E. Fluellen, Jr. is Adjunct Professor, Psychology and Education, Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida.
Educated at Temple University (135 graduate hours/Educational Psychology Ph.D. program), University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and Howard University, Jerry cofounded the Obama Family Network of Jacksonville, Florida (OFN-Jax). He facilitated a professional development program for leaders based on Peter Senge’s fifth discipline framework for learning organizations and completed an ethnographic study of OFN-Jax. He chaired the OFN-Jax future of education team and facilitated the facilitation team. Finally, he wrote a blog series for the OFN-Jax link in President Obama’s Organizing for America grass roots movement and for the Democratic Executive Committee of Florida. Themes of his blog series had been leadership, learning, and change.
Professor Fluellen has been engaged in what Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) calls, “research based practice”. Serving as an adjunct professor of psychology and education at Edward Waters College (EWC), he combined Harvard Project Zero Research Center’s teaching for understanding framework, Howard Gardner’s MI approach, information literacy, Gardner five minds for the future, and Ellen Langer’s mindfulness theory into a prototype for designing and delivering student-centered instruction. Additionally, the ERIC data base published, internationally, 27 of his documents related to human intelligence and teaching thinking. These included Power Teaching Prototype: New paradigm education at Edward Waters College.
Jerry authored Word for the Mind: Analysis of a Language of Thinking, Teaching for Understanding: Harvard Comes to Pennell Elementary. A Teacher Research Report, The Titmouse Effect, Heroes and Terrorists: ELA for the 21st Century, The Human Story: From Hominids to Homo Intelligens. A Curriculum Map for 5th Grade, The Empty Cup: “Teaching for Understanding” at 21st Century Edward Waters College, Algebra for Babies: Exploring Natural Numbers in Simple Arrays, Double Description, and Creating a Culture of Thinking in DCPS: A Generic Proposal for the District of Columbia Public Schools Board of Education.
With his educational psychologist hat on, Jerry is a Professional Member of the World Future Society and will have served as a fellow at Harvard University’s “Future of Learning” 2010 summer institute. He will matriculate in the new master’s program for Instructional Leadership of learning organizations at Jacksonville, University in Fall 2010.
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