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Professor Jesús A. F. Tresguerres

Professor Jesús A. F. Tresguerres, MD, Ph.D. is Professor at the Department of Physiology Medical School, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.
Jesús is an endocrinologist who has worked on growth and the aging processes, participating in the discovery of important basic information about short-term growth and the influence of glutamate on the satiation regulation in the brain.
Jesús has published 159 papers in international journals, 70 papers in national journals, and written 104 book chapters. He has presented more than 50 plenary lectures and more than 300 communications in national and international conferences. He has published 21 books.
His papers include Effect of oral intake of dibutyl phthalate on reproductive parameters of Long Evans rats and pre-pubertal development of their offspring, Molecular mechanisms involved in the hormonal prevention of aging in the rat, Melatonin improves inflammation processes in liver of senescence-accelerated prone male mice (SAMP8), Influence of maternal environment on the number of transferable embryos obtained in response to superovulatory FSH treatments in ewes, Beneficial effect of melatonin treatment on inflammation, apoptosis and oxidative stress on pancreas of a senescence accelerated mice model, and Age associated low mitochondrial biogenesis may be explained by lack of response of PGC-1α to exercise training.
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