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Jim Hoft

The article A Blogger Teleconference with Natan Sharansky said

Earlier today a teleconference was set up by the Heritage Foundation with famed Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky and several conservative bloggers. I was very fortunate to sit in on the call with the author of the Bush Doctrine, and The Case for Democracy, Natan Sharansky…
Here are a few of the remarks that I was able to get down during the talk. I will update this as I listen to the recording of the event:
Sharansky: Dissidents must be your partners. The Free World must support the dissidents. The world is much different today than back when there was a Soviet Union. How different things would have been if there had been an internet back then. Today, dissidents can get their message out much more easily via the internet.
The US is being blackmailed by nuclear weapons development by the Iranian regime. There are trade unions and student unions that are very powerful in Iran. We must support them.

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