Advisory Board

John Gainor

John Gainor is Director of Business Development at RightSignature and a consummate entrepreneur who has founded several companies. In addition to RightSignature, he recently helped to create an exchange for trading gold bullion REALGOLDX™. John’s previous experience includes cofounding Amazing Global, a hedge fund backed by and build partner of Oracle and IBM that completed acquisitions in Asia Pacific, CIS, Europe, and the Americas.
He is focused on execution, sales, and team building; and developing and delivering bleeding edge software solutions. He closely follows fiat currency degradation and that which is poised to fill the vacuum. Technology and social distribution are helping to fuel an exciting new array of financial tools and trade options. When it comes to looking at the past for clues, he recommends that David Talbott and the Electric Universe be your guide.
John earned his BA in Neurobiology at UC Berkeley and calls Santa Barbara home. Trail running and snowboarding keep him connected to mother earth.
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