Advisory Board

John Spencer, M. Arch.

John Spencer, M. Arch. is Founder and President of the Space Tourism Society, which he founded in 1995.
John is a space architect who has built a career that balances the design and development professions. He is a pioneer in what we call “The Design Frontier”.
He is a leading expert in creation and design of real space facilities and space ship interiors for NASA and private space enterprise, as well as space and future-themed simulation attractions, resorts, camps, and media for the general public. He is the founder and chief designer of the Space Experience Design Studio (SED). Over $340 million has been invested into building his original space/future themed concepts to date.
John received two design awards from NASA for pioneering interior design work for the International Space Station (ISS) now in Earth orbit and has designed projects for the National Science Foundation (NSF) built in Antarctica, and an underwater lab/hab built for NOAA.
He is currently designing the proposed $1.6 billion “Mars World” immersive attraction and resort/spa for a Las Vegas site, the “Space World” space pavilion interiors for the National Science Museum in Korea, and the “Mars Habitat” immersive learning center for the Manned Mars Mission Corporation. Recent design projects have included “The Science Fiction Center” for the California Space Authority (CSA), the “Earthrise Center” in New Mexico for the Earthrise Institute, the “Mars Colony” simulation facility/sets for the National Geographic Society Television and Film Group, the new NASA Ames Research Center Visitor Center, and the corporate headquarters and spaceship manufacturing facility for XCOR Aerospace Corporation at the Mojave Air & Space Port.
Other past design clients include: Mitsubishi Corporation, Space Camp Long Beach, Paramount Pictures Studio, Graphic Zone Computer Games, Queen Mary Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Space Age Japan, SpaceHab Corporation, TRW International, Universal Space Lines, Universal Studios, Zero Gravity Company, The Mars Institute, The SETI Institute, NASA, NOAA, NSF, The X PRIZE Foundation, and many others.
Since 1982 he has been pioneering the field of space tourism. He is also the author, with Karen L. Rugg, of the book Space Tourism – Do You Want to Go? published by Apogee books in 2004. This is the first book on this important subject published in the United States.
John has been quoted in more than 100 TV shows, documentaries, radio shows, and articles in magazines and newspapers on Space Tourism.
In 1995, John was awarded the Space Act Award and the Certificate of Recognition from NASA for innovative architectural design on the International Space Station (ISS), now in Earth orbit. In 2000, he was awarded the Space Humanitarian Award by the United Societies in Space and Apollo 11 astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin. In 2002, he was awarded the Space Tourism Pioneer Orbit Award from the Space Tourism Society. In 2009, he was presented with a special recognition award from the California Space Authority (CSA) for a decade of advisory service.
He was on the board of directors of the National Space Society (NSS) (2008–2010) and is a past Honorary Chairperson of the California Space Authority’s – Space Enterprise Advisory Council (SEAC) for the 2007–2010 California Space Enterprise Strategic Plan and was a participant in their 2010–2012 Plan.
John attended the USC school of architecture from 1974 to 1978. He earned his professional degree in 1980 and master’s degree in 1982 from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.
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