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Joseph Cohen

Joseph Cohen is the CEO and Chief Biohacker at SelfHacked, SelfDecode, and Lab Test Analyzer where he also edits and writes content.

At the age of 25, Joe was sick, broke, and unemployable. He had a history of unfortunate genetic predispositions for chronic health problems that conventional medicine hasn’t come far enough to diagnose. Experimenting with a variety of diets and supplements programmes, he was unable to find a solution for his health problems, until he started digging deep into research to understand what was happening in his body on a biological level.

Throughout this journey, he had some personal breakthroughs with his own health, becoming symptom-free. Joe “biohacked” himself and has done thousands of experiments on himself.

Since biohacking himself from sickness in mid 2013, Joe has become a writer/author, investor and entrepreneur, founding SelfHacked, SelfDecode, and LabTestAnalyzer. He has written the SelfHacked Secrets book and the Biohacking Insomnia book.

At the age of 27, he finished school and decided to focus writing full-time. Within three years, SelfHacked grew thirty-fold and has become one of the most popular “biohacking” sites. It is the fastest growing health website and leader in biohacking/nutrition/biomedical/health content, with 2 million visits a month to the site. The content helps people to become optimal and heal themselves. A year later he created SelfDecode, a popular DNA analysis software that gives people the tools to optimize their health combining data from genetics, blood tests, and symptoms to render personalized recommendations.

His favorite biohacks: Lectin Avoidance Diet, Sun, Blocking light at night, Circadian rhythm entrainment, Pregnenolone, Microdosing THC, Butyrate, Curcumin, Galantamine, and Nicotine.

Watch Joe’s videos Hacking Your Own Health, Self Hacking to Wellness, and Natural ways to reduce anxiety.

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