Advisory Board

Josh Calder, MA

A professional futurist since 1995, Josh Calder, MA directs the Global Lifestyles multiclient project at Social Technologies, tracking social, economic, and political change for corporate and government clients. Other interests include the future of the international system and issues in defense, conflict, and security.
At the futurist research firm Coates & Jarratt, Josh headed the multiclient project Forecasts in Science, Technology, and Engineering and contributed to dozens of reports for industry, government, and associations.
Josh is the creator of, a site that examines the future as depicted in movies, and which has been covered by CNN, Entertainment Weekly, and other media. He has also written about futurist movies for Wired magazine. He is a frequent commentator for television, radio, and newspapers.
He authored The Speed of Change in China, The Future of Love: 10 Forecasts for Cupid, China Shrinks, New Research in the Global Lifestyles Project, ICBM Parenting, Future Work: Geoscaping Comes to Life, Crowdsourcing Family Acrimony, Hi, Remote Mom! — Participatory Geosensing, I Want to Annotate My Icy Reality, Virtual Songlines, and Spellchecking a Futurist. Read the full list of his publications!
Josh earned a BA in Government from Wesleyan University and a MA in Foreign and Defense Policy from American University.
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