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Joshua Dalzelle

Joshua Dalzelle is the author of the bestselling Omega Force series.
About Omega Rising:
Jason Burke was a man hiding from himself in a small cabin high in the American Rocky Mountains when his simple, quiet life was shattered one night by what he first assumed was an aviation mishap. But when he investigates the crash, what he finds will yank him out of his self-imposed exile and thrust him into a world he could have never imagined.
He suddenly finds himself trapped on a damaged alien spacecraft and plunged into a universe of interstellar crime lords and government conspiracies, along the way meeting strange new friends… and enemies. As he struggles to find his way back home, he is inexorably drawn deeper into a world where one misstep could mean his death. Or worse. He desperately wants to get back to Earth, but it may be the end for him.
Josh authored Warship: Black Fleet Trilogy 1 (Volume 1), Omega Rising, Omega Force: Soldiers of Fortune (Volume 2), Omega Force: Savage Homecoming (Volume 3), Omega Force: The Enemy Within (Volume 4), Omega Force: Return of the Archon (Volume 5), and Omega Force: Secret of the Phoenix (Volume 6).
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