Advisory Board

Judith Light Feather

Judith Light Feather is president and founder of The Nanotechnology Group Inc. She is coauthor of Nanoscience Education, Workforce Training, and K-12 Resources. She concentrates her efforts on the creation of general goals and policies while developing new partners for her consortium of scientists, universities, organizations and business people with nanotechnology-oriented firms.
Judith has been invited to speak on Nanoscience Education in various parts of the world, including Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by the Asian Institute of Technology. Her most recent trip to Trieste, Italy, brought together over 80 global participants to discuss Nanotechnology Opportunities for Developing Nations. Appointed as the Chair of Working Group 2, focused on education for these nations, her work can be viewed on the UNIDO ICS website specifically developed for these important meetings. Does she think that anything will advance from her talks in these distant nations? Optimistic, she reports that the Bangkok Conference was very successful, bringing two universities in Vietnam to the group efforts, along with the membership of the Asian Institute of Technology.
Judith is enthusiastic about nanotechnology which will provide flexible, roll-up, touch screen, wireless computers (now in development) that could be provided to even the poorest villages so that students could download free courses of their choice by employing the built-in software for language translation.
“Imagine”, she said, luring her listener into a near-future classroom, “that you are a child using a computer that is hooked up to a scanning tunneling microscope allowing you to scan a leaf right through it’s surface down to the actual moving molecules and atoms. You don’t have to know math or science to learn about this amazing sight, but after being exposed to this scale of science with this magical visual tool, you will want to learn more.”
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