Advisory Board

Julien “Gbboy” Hamonic

Gbboy, MSc is an entrepreneur, hacker, and extropian. He is Researcher at Bunkersofa LLC and Technical recruiter at Descartes Search LLC.
Gbboy is saving Japan from its economic crisis by:

  • Recruiting foreign engineers for Tokyo-based startups.
  • Trying to spark a new “Renaissance” (intellectual and technological framework) in Japan by incepting the Singularity and Transhumanist memeplexes.
He coauthored A Japanese Question Answering System based on a statistical method (Japanese).
He holds patent application A Method for Document Retrieval Based on Queries that are Composed of Concepts and Recommended Terms.
Gbboy earned his Master of Computer Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2006 and his Master of Electrical Engineering at Ecole nationale supér ieure de l’Electronique et de ses Applications in 2003.
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