Advisory Board

Karl Doerrer

Karl Doerrer is Desktop Support at BayNODE.
Karl sees his art as his version of a Rorschach test, but as a more fun way for people to interact with art on an individual level and then talk about their perceptions with others. His paintings are abstract and intentionally ambiguous, so everyone can see different things. He tries to keep it simple, leaving interpretation up to the viewer.
He was previously Resident Artist at 18th Street Arts Center, Mentor at the Spark Program, Image Scanning Technician at ScanDigital, Art Director at reThinQ LLC, Retail Associate at Showbiz Store & Cafe, Computer Lab Consultant at Rutgers New Brunswick Computing Services, Graphic Design Intern at Briabe Mobile, IT Assistant at Targum Publishing, Community Service Officer with the Rutgers Police Dept at Rutgers University, Graphic Design / Editorial Dept. Intern at Affinity Solutions, Computer Animation Intern at Collider.
Karl earned his BFA in Fine Art, Painting, Sculpture, Video, Audio, and Electronics at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick in 2009.
Watch his YouTube channel. Read his LinkedIn profile.