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Dr. Kate Stone

The NewScientist article Interactive paper creates the greetings card 2.0 said

Electrical circuits made by printed ink are helping to create a new generation of “intelligent” greeting cards and books and other interactive paper-based products.
A graphic designer first creates an ordinary image of, say, a birthday cake with candles. Then an electronics engineer uses graphics software to superimpose a circuit on the image, following the lines of the original design. When this isn’t possible, the engineer makes small changes to the original image.
“It’s almost the opposite way you’d normally design a circuit,” says Kate Stone, founder of Novalia, a printing firm based in Cambridge, UK, which is pioneering the technique.

Kate Stone, Ph.D. is Founder of Novalia which creates Interactive Printed Media (IPM).
Novalia puts interactivity into print. Touch sensitive input and light/sound output is coupled with transistor based intelligence. They offer design, product development/creation services, and work with their partners to coordinate manufacture. There is an opportunity for their customers to add significant value to their products in the form of creative new product concepts manufactured with existing and proven production capability.
Kate earned her first degree in Electronics from Salford University and her Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Cambridge in 2000.
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