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Keith Murphy

The Engineer article Building body parts with 3D printing said

While industry is assessing the potential of advanced manufacturing techniques, the medical sector is already using them, making items precisely tailored to a patient’s body. Dental implants and most hearing-aid earpieces are made by additive-layer manufacturing, while bone prostheses are built and adapted using advanced techniques.
But additive manufacturing is on the verge of breaking into a more startling area. Using the techniques of 3D printing, doctors may soon be able to produce soft-tissue implants such as blood vessels. And following on from that could be the ability to build a whole organ — such as a liver or kidney — complete with all its blood vessels. Additive manufacturing could make the transplant list a thing of the past.
The first “3D bio-printer” for making human tissue and organs became available at the end of last year. Produced for a San Diego biotechnology company, Organovo, by Australian automation specialist Invetech, the machine is being evaluated by research institutions studying regenerative medicine — the technique of growing organs using cultures of a patient’s own cells.

Keith Murphy is Chief Executive Officer and President of Organovo.
Organovo is a regenerative medicine company focused on delivering breakthrough human tissue printing technology and creating tissue on demand for research and surgical applications. The company’s NovoGen three-dimensional printing technology is a platform that works across all tissue and cell types. Organovo is helping physicians and researchers fulfill the promise of regenerative medicine by overcoming critical problems in cardiovascular medicine, medical research, and transplant medicine.
Keith is a veteran of biotechnology startup Alkermes, Inc, where he played a central role on the development team for their first approved product, Nutropin (hGH) Depot. He moved to Amgen in 1997 and developed several other novel formulation and device products. He has 16 years of experience in biotechnology, including serving in Product Strategy and Director of Process Development roles at Amgen. His 10 years at Amgen included four years as Global Operations Leader for the largest development program in Amgen’s history, Phase 3 osteoporosis/bone cancer drug denosumab.
Keith holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT, and is an alumnus of the UCLA Anderson School of Management.
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