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Konrad S. Graf

Konrad S. Graf is author of On the Origins of Bitcoin: Stages of monetary evolution.
Konrad formulated the Action-Based Jurisprudence framework, which argues for new and more explicit applications of the action-theory principles of Mises and Hoppe within an integral approach to the foundations of legal philosophy to better differentiate the field from ethics. He has written numerous articles on Bitcoin and monetary theory. He has several forthcoming works in both of the above areas.
He has worked as a professional translator since 1998, translating Japanese to English primarily in the field of investment research. German is his third language. He has lived in the US, India, Japan, and Germany.
Konrad is a certified movement therapist and trainer (Level III) in the Spacial Dynamics™ approach to postural coaching and movement performance efficiency. He participated in the design and development of the innovative Spacial Dynamics in Hotels program. The broadly applicable principles involved in this more active work have helped inform his constructively oriented approach to intellectual work and discourse.
His articles include Misesian action theory is an approach to social theory, not just economics, Bank robber chatting with Bill Murray illustrates self-control theory, Action-Based Jurisprudence II: Down under (and back again), The problem with shouting “Tyranny!” in a crowded theater, Hyper-monetization reloaded: Another round of bubble talk, Bitcoin as medium of exchange now and unit of account later: The inverse of Koning’s medieval coins, and A short Bitcoin commentary on “Deflation and Liberty”.
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