Advisory Board

Kris Kitchen

Kris Kitchen is an entrepreneur, artist, and multidisciplinary researcher. Among his research interests are consciousness, artificial general intelligence, time reclamation, life automation, and futurology.
He is the founder of Kris Kitchen Design, which is currently focused on Digital Art and Advanced Cryptology. In the past, he worked as a software automation tester and security tester.
Kris was also a beta tester on Google Glass. He conceived that Glass should not be used as a consumer device, but rather as a medical device to enable disabled individuals to live their life in an unbroken body. He is currently working on a project to ensure these technologies are implemented.

  • Created Mosaics made entirely out of G+ profile pictures that symbolize the Singularity
  • Wrote the specifications for the Google Glass Real Time bug tracking system (aka “Feedback”)
  • Designed and is currently implementing the biggest supercomputer on earth using Android devices untapped computing power for Grid computing
  • Wrote a program to control his home with his voice and passive presence and is currently working to use this technology for accessibility for disabled people
  • Author of 3D Printer in every school: Education Reform merged with healthcare
  • Project lead and moderator of the private forum “the Moon shot” on implementing the biggest supercomputer on earth using Android devices untapped computing power for Grid computing
  • Evangelist and creator of Planet Shot Thinking: Tackling the world’s biggest problems and providing multi-dimensional solutions for one massive solve
  • Author of Waste with fossil fuels and compounded impact on economy, environment and humanity
  • Founder of Vizion Inc. which provides motivational help to enabling entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams
  • Has submitted multiple projects for TEDxKC and (Read more here)
  • As a Life Automation Subject Matter Expert, he believes “Reclaiming time is critical in preserving the human race”
  • Conceived a method to identify “Rainmakers” and is working to publish his results
  • Designer of hardware for Glass “Symmetry” which relates to Supersymmetry
  • Wrote the Specifications for “Glass 2017”, a fictional representation of the untapped technologies that currently exist
  • Has been described by peers as an individual with “system-level design thinking powered by extraordinary conviction”
  • Discovered a method to create “Virtual interactive Photospheres”
  • Invented “ChromeCast OTG”, a device to stream music to any device and dispersed the idea to the public for anyone to create
  • Discovered/Invented a method to digitally scan objects and deploy to a 3D printer in real-time
Kris resides in Kansas City.
Watch his YouTube channel. Read his LinkedIn profile.