Advisory Board

Kristina Hathaway

Kristina Hathaway is Principal at Kristina Hathaway Consulting (whose clients include Singularity University), Board Member at BioCurious, and Vice President at Sage Human Capital.
Kristina is a San Francisco Bay Area based Senior HR Strategist. She has 18 years experience helping companies transform from early stage to full commercial enterprises. She has been proven to have the tools to excel at finding, retaining, and motivating highly technical talent, and setting up the operational infrastructure needed for success. She has grown companies from 50 person startups to 1,500+ multinational industry leaders. She has strong experience leading teams in diverse locations, and a wealth of multi-state/international, M&A, turnaround, high growth, and small company experience.
She can help when:

  • You’re looking to grow from 20 employees to 100 in the next few months.
  • You just closed a round of financing and it’s time to hire key members of the team.
  • You’re just getting started and need help setting up processes, vendors, compliance and other administrative details.
  • You need renewed commitment from your team after a layoff.
  • You to pull together a headcount strategy and projection for your board.
  • You’re in a turnaround situation, and unsure about your ability to recruit the talent you need to succeed.
  • You’re looking to implement or grow a commercial presence.
  • You’re involved in M&A activity.
  • You’re about to downsize, and want to make sure it’s done right.
  • You need to train your first time managers.
  • You need hands-on HR expertise, but don’t have need or budget for a full-time hire.
Kristina has led Human Resources at Incyte Genomics, Ingenuity Systems, Entelos and Tercica/Ipsen. She is a Zenger Miller Certified Trainer, attended Stanford Graduate School of Business, UCSC Extension, and has a BA from SJSU.
She specializes in helping companies develop human capital in ways that scale, making it easier to focus on the corporate priorities at hand.
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