Advisory Board

L. Barton Womack

L. Barton Womack is the CEO of Eden Growth Systems. He is a Futurist, Investor, Producer, and Inventor and has, over the last 30 years, built businesses and executed ideas in a wide range of industries. He has helped catalyze cultural movements and inspired generations of consumers. He is the founder of Eden and the Inventor of its first product The LifePod.

Eden Growth Systems is a farming technology company focused on closed-system ecological design, with building next-generation, modular, automated farms. They are dedicated to finding and implementing the newest farming technologies and designs, with the end goal of giving families and communities the ability to be self-sufficient in their food production.

Their first consumer product is Habitat 2, a turn-key food and energy production system that can function in any environment and be delivered anywhere in the world. They also design and build custom farming solutions for any environment or customer need.

The LifePod was their first prototype which is a self-contained, automated, climate-controlled, aquaponic, and organic food production system. The shipping container format means that a complete, ready-to-use system can be shipped anywhere in the world and immediately begin producing a complete balanced diet, even in the most inhospitable environments on Earth. The LifePod produces a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh fish for protein.

Bart has also worked on major motion pictures, produced TV shows, interviewed presidential candidates, and owned the largest, most successful nightclub in the state for over 5 years. He has produced events and concerts with thousands of attendees and he has developed marketing campaigns that reached millions.

Bart is a dedicated patron of the arts and sciences. He produced and hosted a public interest TV show, which catalyzed his interest to secure a 501(c)(3) for Houston Media Source, a public access platform for Houston.

He organized a campaign that resulted in the station receiving a 10-year, $12 million grant from the city of Houston and millions in funding from other sources. Bart also volunteers with local organizations and frequently manages communications and media projects for inspirational non-profits, such as the New Worlds Institute.

Bart has also, since 2008, been a Principle at Ramsey Financial Group (RFG), a Houston, Texas-based single-family office, which manages the Leo B. Womack Family Trust. Established in 1992, RFG seeks to preserve wealth and where applicable, deploy capital into the most viable, long-term, wealth-building opportunities that have good risk-to-reward metrics. Real estate and life sciences are at the core of their investment philosophy, building on the experience of the team in these sectors.

Being also a Real Estate Agent, Bart manages the Womack-Crawford Realty Investors, a privately held real estate investment company.

Bart earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Digital Communication and Multimedia from the University of Houston.

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Read the article We’re Headed For a Class-Based ‘Climate Apartheid’, Warns Chilling New UN Report, published in Science Alert, which is warning about the future of a food shortage, where Barton’s solution would help.

Watch a short presentation of the Life Pod.

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