Advisory Board

L. Christer Andersson

L. Christer Andersson, Tech.Lic. is Senior Scientist at the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI).
Christer is responsible for space policy studies and strategic counselling, including satellite development projects, for Swedish Government Authorities. He has performed long-term trend analysis and future space innovation studies for the Swedish Armed Forces. He represents the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Swedish Armed Forces, and Swedish National Space Board as expert in various EU forums such as the Council Security Committee and European Defence Agency. Christer’s present work focuses on a globally inclusive and efficient Space Situational Awareness.
Christer has knowledge in all phases of space strategy and satellite system development:

  • Successful counselling, consultancy and negotiations for government authorities and international organizations.
  • Innovative requirement studies and specification analysis of new creative earth observations and surveillance systems.
  • Worldwide project management involving advanced space systems, as well as extensive experience from field including installations and in-situ collections.
  • Pioneering development and research of image information services.
  • 30 years knowledge from all aspects of satellite based image intelligence, earth observation, and geographical information technology.
Christer’s specialties comprise space policies and strategic requirements, satellite system definition studies, satellite system evaluation and reviews as well as operational user needs and ConOps.
He earned his MSc in Exploration Geology and Applied Geophysics at the Luleâ University of Technology in 1979. He earned his Licentiate of Technology (Ph.D.) in Applied Geophysics and Satellite Image Processing at the Luleâ University of Technology in 1985.
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