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Laurel Kornfeld, MA, MEd

Laurel Kornfeld, MA, MEd, is Staff Writer at SpaceFlight Insider and Correspondent at The Space Reporter.
SpaceFlight Insider reports on events taking place within the aerospace industry. Laurel helps provide an insider’s view of all aspects of space exploration efforts. The Space Reporter covers the latest space news, offering breaking news and analysis of the biggest space trends and happenings around the world. View her recent articles New Horizons Breaks Voyager 1’s Record For Most Distant Images From Earth and Hubble finds Milky Way’s central bulge to be an active stellar region.
Laurel has worked for several journals and has been published in The Atlantic, Astronomy magazine’s guest blog section, the UK Space Conference, the 2009 IAU General Assembly newspaper, The Space Reporter, and newsletters of various astronomy clubs. She has an eBook on Amazon, The Passion of Pluto. She is working on a new book which you can follow, The Little Planet that Would Not Die.
Graduating in 1987 with a Bachelors In Journalism from Rutgers University, Laurel went on to earn a Masters at Harvard in Middle East Studies in 1989. She earned a Masters in English/Language Arts Education at Rutgers University in 1998.
Ask her a question on Quora. Read her Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Follow her on Medium, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.