Advisory Board

Lisa Cheng

Lisa Cheng is CEO at the Vanbex Group. She is also a Lifetime Member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Advisory Board Member for Crypto Biz Magazine, Board Member at the Women’s Crypto Association, founder of, and cofounder of
The Vanbex Group consults about digital currencies, blockchain protocols, and decentralized technology. They tell the story of the business behind bitcoin.
Lisa has an accomplished background after having worked at Fortune 500 companies and technology startups involved with big data, algorithmic trading, and enterprise systems.
Her interests include bitcoin, blockchain technology, distributed applications / distributed autonomous corporations — either DAC / DAO / or DApp, and varying types of cryptocurrency. She currently serves as an advisor for several projects in the payments, bitcoin, and distributed network space. Her expertise lies in developing the business case, identifying the target market, and crafting a product strategy.
Lisa was previously Business Development at Mastercoin Foundation, Cofounder at piALGO Technologies, New Business Development Manager at Sustainet Software, Intraday Equities Trader at Private Equity, Large Enterprise Account Executive at SAP, Account Manager for Small/Medium Business at ADP, Tele-Sales Representative at Intrawest Whistler Blackcomb ULC, and Senior Sales Representative Benetton Group. Lisa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of Victoria in 2007. She studied Real Estate Trading at the University of British Columbia, Saunder School of Business from 2011 to 2012.
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