Advisory Board

Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood is founder of Cognitive World, a knowledge hub, ecosystem and marketplace for enterprise AI transformation. CogWorld features articles by luminaries & thought leaders in artificial intelligence and has a group contributor site on Forbes.

Lisa is also cofounder of Affective Neuron, with patent-pending unsupervised reinforcement learning AI that is ‘conditioned’ — not trained. Simultaneously, Lisa funded R&D of quantum physics-based research resulting in QAI (Quantum Artificial Intelligence) Digital Physics, and then business development applying this novel platform/OS to (supra)molecular engineering.

She also cofounded Suprachem in 2006, a CRO specializing in cancer immunotherapeutic Smart Molecule discovery. They are applying their Energy Mechanics in conjunction with their patent pending Affective Neuron reinforcement machine learning technology to the automated design of adaptive immune system Smart Molecules immunotherapeutics.

Lisa is an entrepreneur and big business media veteran with a longtime involvement in artificial intelligence. Throughout the mid and late 90s, she produced many of the largest and most successful IT and e-commerce focused custom published productions ever to appear in FORTUNE, and a decade later, BusinessWeek, when sustainability and green business was all the rage. Simultaneously, Lisa funded the R&D of QAI, and has been inspired by the reality and promise of this novel AI, driven by self-organization, for over two decades.

Lisa first started her career as Independent Contractor and Custom Publisher for various daily and weekly newspapers in New York City. In the beginning of the 90s, she established Computer Buyer’s Guide & Handbook and Laptop magazines on the media map (at that time) in Silicon Valley.

Lisa continued with her working experience at Ziff Davis Enterprise (1992) as account executive, at Success Magazine (1993) in National Ad Sales, and as President and Independent Producer at FVG for almost 6 years. She then cofounded Sunyata Molecular, a contract research company in the life sciences space, where she extended the QAI system to design novel small molecule candidates for drugs and agrochemicals.

Lisa again joined FVG in 2006 as Managing Member and Custom Publisher for BusinessWeek magazine. As an independent contractor, and often the highest revenue producer for the department, she published topics centered on nanotechnology, cloud computing, corporate social responsibility, sustainability,and green business. While still working as an independent contractor, she cofounded Suprachem in 2006 and in 2016, two companies, Affective Neuron and Cognitive World, where she still works today.

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