Advisory Board

Louis A. Del Monte, MSc

Louis A. Del Monte, MSc is an author, award-winning physicist, featured speaker, and the chief executive officer of Del Monte and Associates, Inc. He is the author of The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Will Artificial Intelligence Serve Us or Replace Us?
For over thirty years, Lou was a leader in the development of microelectronics for IBM and Honeywell. Subsequent to those positions, he formed a high-tech e-marketing agency and published Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries (2012) and How to Time Travel (2013). He has also developed several patents fundamental to the fabrication of integrated circuits.
He is the recipient of the H. W. Sweatt Award for scientific/engineering achievement and the Lund Award for human resource management excellence. He earned his bachelor of science degree in physics and chemistry from Saint Peter’s University in 1966 and his master of science degree in physics from Fordham University in 1968.
His articles include Time Travel to the Future Is Real and Dark Energy Explained — A New Theory.
Lou and his wife Diane were college sweethearts. They are married over 45 years and have two adult children and four grandchildren. They call Minnesota home.
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