Advisory Board

Luca Toscani

Luca Toscani has 17+ years of professional experience in investment banking, investment management, and startup environments, developed across Europe, U.S, and Asia. He is adept in the areas of finance, investing, business and corporate development, and entrepreneurship.
Luca was recently Founder and CEO of MIXR which was an online and offline boutique selling affordable luxury products targeting sophisticated middle-class women in China, as well as a trusted source of up-to-date international fashion. MIXR benefited from exclusive access to many never-before-seen-in-China luxury brands, mainly from Italy. Aware of the shortfalls of pure e-tailing and retailing, especially when introducing new brands to a notoriously status-driven consumer market like China, MIXR supported their growth with an intelligent use of social media, WOM strategies, private showings, VIP parties, and temporary pop-up stores. MIXR merged with in September 2013.
Luca was previously Founder and President of Avant Capital Group, Partner at Keating Investments, Fund Manager at Medici Capital Management, and Equity Trader at Bear Stearns.
He earned his 1st Class Honors degree (Summa cum Laude) in Economics and Quantitative Studies at Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, Italy in 1995. He studied business at the University of Warwick, UK in 1994 with the thesis “A Neural Network Application for the Prediction of Financial Distress in the UK”.
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