Advisory Board

Lucas Dimoveo

Lucas Dimoveo is Project Manager at Grindhouse Wetwares.
Grindhouse Wetwares was founded January 2012, by what was then a rag tag group of programmers, engineers, and enthusiasts. In the short five months that followed, Grindhouse evolved from a group of highly driven individuals on the forums, to a dedicated team working towards a common goal — augmenting humanity using safe, affordable, open source technology.
Lucas Dimoveo is a technologist, open source advocate, and cofounder of Grindhouse Wetware and Grindware Circadia LLC. During his work with Grindhouse he has collaborated with a number of engineers, designers, and body modification artists to create novel implants that enhance human capabilities.
Watch his YouTube channel. Read Biohackers and DIY Cyborgs Clone Silicon Valley Innovation. Read his Google+ profile.