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Dr. Marco Curreli

Marco Curreli, Ph.D. is a research scientist, educator, tech and social entrepreneur of nanotechnology, and expert in chemistry and nanotechnology. He is the Executive Director and Founder of Omni Nano, a STEM and nanotechnology education nonprofit.

Marco combined his passions for nanoscience and teaching and in 2012 became the Founder of Omni Nano which educates students about the cutting-edge science of nanotechnology. His innovative work in STEM education has been recognized and endorsed by the community. In 2014 and 2015, Omni Nano was a finalist for the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award — also known as the “Oscars of Innovation” — and in 2015, he was nominated for the Nonprofit Leadership Excellence Award by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Omni Nano is listed on the Federal Government’s National Nanotechnology Initiative website as a resource for teachers.

Since summer 2016, Marco is also the Curriculum Developer and Instructor at UCLA Extension, where he developed and instructed a new 4-unit course named Introduction to Nanotechnology, an accepted elective course for UCLA Extension’s Biotechnology Engineering and Medical Device Engineering certificates.

In 2014, Marco joined NanoBCA, an association for the commercialization of nanotechnologies in Los Angeles, where he works as West Coast Ambassador. Founded in 2001, NanoBCA is the world’s first nonprofit trade association focused on the commercialization of nanotechnologies.

Marco has been, since 2014, a Member of the Editorial Board at IJNME (International Journal of Nanotechnology in Medicine & Engineering), a peer-reviewed journal specialized in the applications of nanotechnology in medicine.

In 2012, Marco joined Hal Technology, and has been a Consultant for Chemical Sensors since then. He helps with Grant writing and in R&D for chemical sensors.

Previously, he was the Director of Nanotechnology Research and Investor at Gamma Alloys, where he was leading all nanotechnology research efforts and supervised the formulation of aluminum alloys reinforced with nanotechnology. He also aided in business development by making strategic introductions leading to cash investments, and helped brand the company with a new website, social network outreach, and exhibitions at conferences.

Between 2011 and 2013, Marco worked at Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation, first as the Lead Scientist for Biosensor Development, and later as Consultant for Sensor Technologies for Medical Devices.

Previously, he was a Course Designer and Research Consultant in Chemistry at The Saylor Foundation. He developed college-level, online-based chemistry courses for the Free Education Initiative, including Organic Chemistry I and II, and Blueprints for Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, and Bioinorganic chemistry.

Between 2010 and 2011, he was the Lead Scientist for Sensor Development at Intelligent Optical Systems.

Marco earned his Bachelor’s degree of Science in Chemistry at California State University in Los Angeles in 2003, where he was also a Chemistry Teaching Assistant. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2010 from the University of Southern California with the dissertation The Surface Modification of Nanomaterials and Development of Nanobiosensors. At USC, he focused the entirety of his graduate work on nanotechnology.

In 2015, Marco completed the Executive Program on exponential, disruptive technologies forecasted to soon change the world.

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