Advisory Board

Marco Santini, MBA

Marco Santini, MBA is Manager of the Metropolitana Milanese in Italy and author of Flashes from the Future, The Alpha Centauri Project, and Evolution: The Future.
Marco is deeply interested in high-tech trends and has written novels depicting a near future dominated by technology. He has made the ebooks free and downloadable in several languages in order to share their content with the widest audience and to contribute to the discussion about great themes.
Marco earned his Engineer’s degree at Università di Bologna in 1980. He earned his MBA at the University of Rochester — William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration in 1984.
Watch Marco Santini on Singularity 1 on 1: There Is A Lot Of Space For Rational Optimism, Indefinite Life Extension by Marco Santini, Alpha Centauri Project, and Evolution: The Future. View his Facebook page. Read his LinkedIn profile.