Advisory Board

Mary Hodder, M.S.

Mary Hodder, M.S. is Board Member at Customer Commons, Consultant at Mary Hodder, Member at IDESG — the working group for NIST / Department of Commerce, Advisor on SU Advisory Board at Singularity University, and Founder at Dabble.
Mary does product development: usability & user research for web, mobile and other information product design, information architectures and user experience, interaction design, taxonomies & folksonomy schemas, data quality, data models, and algorithm development for social search. She works closely with designers and engineers in product development / management.
Her specialties include:

  • Mobile Development including location apps
  • Search algorithms, search systems, user-based meaning driven architectures for IR.
  • Social Search & Discovery systems & algorithm development
  • Classification systems: machine driven based on bottom up information, hybrid based on bottom up data w faceted/taxonomy driven top structure & top down systems.
  • Web CMS platform & framework systems
  • Social interaction systems (ie can be social networks but not always)
  • C2B & B2C, Enterprise.
Mary earned her B.A. in Liberal Arts at Sarah Lawrence College in 1993 and her Masters in Information Science at University of California, Berkeley in 2004.
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