Advisory Board

Masseh Tahiry, M.A.

Masseh Tahiry, M.A. is Risk Strategist at Toffler Associates.
His activities at Toffler Associates have included:

  • Engaged with space industry experts, venture capitals, angel investors, NewGen space enthusiasts, scholars, and government leaders to discuss and chart the different shocks in the global space market and their implications across the industry, society, economics, and life.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented a high-profile cyber risk program for a security and protection organization, which encompasses security risk assessments, cyber threat intelligence and vulnerability notifications, mitigation, training, and investigations. This has contributed to the development of an effective, nimble, and comprehensive cyber risk program and capability that incorporates “all hazard” security in order to ensure risk to key sectors of critical infrastructure are mitigated and addressed.
  • Coached a Department of Defense agency’s research and development directorate through a journey in establishing and nourishing a culture of innovation across the organization to enhance internal organizational elements as well as external relationships and production of C-WMD technology.
  • Provided policy research analysis for the largest Federal Government agency on providing adequate and effective social reintegration of Veterans and recommended sound “next steps” for the agency to take to enhance Veteran reintegration and provide consistent, unified, and substantive support to Veterans, Service members, and their families.
  • Co-led Voice of the Employee interviews to identify weaknesses and gaps in internal/organizational communications and provided transforming recommendations to leadership that quickly changed the organization’s internal structures for business development (e.g., proposal writing), engagement/project staffing, and other internal activities, in order to enhance and fully utilize the talent and resources available to capture market share and provide excellent customer service.
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