Advisory Board

Matthew MacDermant

Matthew MacDermant is Customer Service and Retail Representative at Spirits Unlimited.
Matthew was previously Community Outreach and Project Development Assistant at Notre Dame Mission Volunteers Americorps, Transit Research Analyst at New York State Assembly, and Transportation Reform Advocate at The Institute for Rational Urban Mobility.
Matthew is on the cutting edge and always seeking to improve and grow. He is flexible and adaptable and loves challenging situations which offer him the chance to utilize his talents and develop new ones.
His goal is to stay ahead of the curve and be involved with an organization or company that is doing amazing things on the forefront of their industry. Every organization wants to be the best, the first, the most advanced, or most visionary. He wants to be an integral part of bringing his organization to the forefront and revolutionizing the way they do business.
Matthew earned his Bachelor’s in History/Political Science at Wagner College in 2008. He earned his Wilderness Leadership Certificate at the National Outdoor Leadership School in 2009. He earned his IT Certificate at Ocean County College in 2011.
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