Advisory Board

Melissa Sterry

Melissa Sterry is known as a champion of new science, technology, and thinking that serves to make the world a better place, concerned with developing a vision of what successful change may look like and supporting others on a journey towards it. For more than a decade, she has worked to integrate pioneering sustainability thinking into mainstream business and society. She is recipient of several innovation, creativity, and enterprise awards. She divides her time in equal parts between research, development, enterprise, and communication.
Having migrated from designer to design scientist, with a career heavily focused on emergent digital technology and its applications, Melissa has worked with leading-edge innovation for more than two decades, of which the past 12 years have been at executive board level in first-to-market startups across both B2B and B2C global markets.
Melissa is also a M.Phil./Ph.D. Researcher at the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research (AVATAR) group at the University of Greenwich. She is also Visiting Lecturer, Visiting Fellow, and Guest Critic at universities including University of Salford, IaaC, and AA School. She has been published in over 60 international trade, consumer, and academic titles, has held several past and present editorial board positions, including 3 editor-in-chief roles, and has been keynote speaker, chair, panelist, and/or workshop host at more than 30 leading international conferences and seminars.
She is also developing the Bionic City®. The world over, life in all its various shapes and forms, has found novel ways to build resilience to extreme meteorological and geological events. Positing the potential of the city as a complex biomimetic adaptive system, Bionic City® explores these resilience strategies and how we may mimic them using leading-edge science and technology. In development since January 2010, its hypothesis challenges some of the most fundamental assumptions in contemporary planning and design and ultimately attempts to answer the question “how would Nature design a city?”
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