Advisory Board

Michael D. Geer

Michael D. Geer is Cofounder and CSO at Humanity and Cofounder and Coorganizer at Meetup.

Humanity’s mission is to extend the healthspan of humanity. This consumer subscription service will enable users to find out what actions they can take to slow their aging process and thus reduce the risk of disease by tracking key aging biomarkers (digital and blood).

Michael began finding his way to make a positive change in the world by becoming an astronaut. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Aerospace Engineering, International Affairs, and Psychology at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2002.

He did not, however, become an astronaut, but instead helped build in Moscow. He was part of the Founding Team at Badoo from 2005 until 2010. Michael was practically involved in all aspects of the company, from product development, structuring, hiring, to managing teams. He left the company being highly profitable and with over 70 million users.

Later on until mid-2011, he was the Chief Operating Officer at WAYN, where he showed the power and importance of social media and interaction for the travel industry.

In September of 2011, Michael joined the Skillshare Company, where he lectured on user acquisition and on social good for startups.

While at SkillShare, Michael tried to build a method to put an end to the donation model in the social good sector. He Founded CauseCart in December 2011. It would allow users to raise funds for causes they believe in by making online shops give percentages of their purchase. The idea was good but unfortunately unsuccessful.

To continue his path to positive change in the world, Michael, between 2012 and 2015, cofounded and coorganized Social Good For-Profit Meetups and joined Dream Industries. With over 1000 members, Social Good For-Profit was forming a more solid hub and place to discuss what is social good for-profit and how people can create and run purpose-based companies for good.

At Dream Industries, Michael oversaw the building of Dream Industries’ 3 companies: Bookmate, Zvooq, and Theory & Practice. The mission was to create tools that increase the speed and frequency of knowledge exchange on earth.

After leaving Dream Industries, Michael joined AnchorFree (Today known as Pango) as Chief Operating Officer in March 2014, to keep the internet uncensored and secure globally. He helped build it from a popular single app company to the lead global protector of the Internet with over 700 million users and hundreds of millions in yearly subscription revenue.

Following on from the success of his Social Good For-Profit Meetup in NYC, Michael teamed up with some friends to create to run similar meetups in San Francisco and several cities worldwide. They bring together founders, investors, and builders that are focused on using tech and business to make a large positive impact on our world. Follow their events at

Michael is now on his path, envisioned as a kid, to make a positive change and move the world forward, by cofounding Humanity with his friend, Peter Ward.

Visit his LinkedIn profile, BrandYourself profile, SkillShare page, and Udemy profile. Follow him on Facebook, Crunchbase, and Twitter.