Advisory Board

Michael F. Korns

Michael F. Korns is currently involved in research in symbolic regression, genetic and evolutionary programming, Internet search, and the semantic web. He cofounded the Las Vegas Future Salon, a reading and discussion group to explore accelerating change in technology, science, society and business. He presented DeepGreen: Agent-Oriented Investment Analysis Designed to Be Self-Funding at CodeCon 2.0. Listen to his presentation! He was a distinguished speaker at Accelerating Change 2005.
Mike currently serves as President of Korns Associates, a privately held applied research company. Korns Associates develops sophisticated agent technology, development tools, and applications, and has pioneered the use of “intelligent agents” for securities investing, using a business model wherein its research is self-funding. In 1999, Korns Associates created to support, incubate, and sell commercial applications of the Korns Associates technology.
The Korns Associates business model is applied research powered by proprietary investing profits. As an applied research group, Korns Associates searches the academic community looking for new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies which might be applied to securities investing. Promising new technologies are implemented in Deep Green as investing agents which will compete for stock market profits in the virtual “survival of the fittest” environment. At each stage of its development, Deep Green is used to rank securities as investment selections in the Korns Associates proprietary investing account. Profits from this proprietary investing activity are used to fund further Deep Green application development.
Mike started his career in 1969 working at IBM in Advanced Engineering. He has been Vice President Information Sciences at Tymshare Transactions Corporation, and Vice President Chief Scientist of Xerox Imaging Corporation. For over 36 years, he has been an expert in converting academic research into commercial applications.