Advisory Board

Mike Gleaves, MSc, M.A.

Mike Gleaves, MSc, M.A. is the cofounder and CTO of Arralis and CEO of Arralis for Europe, a rapidly scaling technology company, providing world leading expertise in RF and micro- and millimetre-wave technology.

Arralis develops products that are considered the future of global radar and wireless communications. Their Analogue Phase Shifters help speed worldwide internet access. The company was founded in 2013.

They have developed a chipset that uses the 94 GHz frequency band to deliver higher resolutions and greater communications capabilities. The new technology could lead to improved radar systems, increased mobile internet bandwidth and range, better drone guidance systems, and improved navigation.

Prior to Arralis, Mike was the Director at Amideon Systems in China, working on Radio Frequency and Microwave Systems for 9 years (2004–2012).

Mike started his career in 1982 as Engineer on Radars working for the Ministry of Defence and Royal Air Force in Germany. After four years, in 1986, he moved to Wokingham, where he was a Sales Engineer at Eaton with his main focus on RF and Microwave Instruments.

In 1989, he became Product Manager for Racal Instruments and in 1992 he joined Comtest as Sales Manager. In 1995, he became Sales and Marketing Director at MA Instruments and soon, after a year, joined Schaffner. At Schaffner, he was the Project Group Manager mostly for Turn-Key RF and Microwave EMC Systems, and stayed there for more than 7 years before joining Amideon Systems in 2004.

In a typical day today, Mike reports to the CEO and is responsible for the company’s technology focus. He works with sales, marketing and research and development.

He is developing strategic plans for their products and ensuring that they have competitive and leading edge products to compete in the market sectors in which they operate.

Mike earned his Master’s Degree of Science in Electronic Systems and his Master’s Degree in Business Studies from the University of Bath.

I still get a huge thrill out of actually making something, especially if it is new and innovative so delivering one of our products that exceeds customer expectations is very satisfying.

In his free time he enjoys hiking in the mountains but is often disappointed to see that a sunny Friday is often followed by a wet Saturday and Sunday.

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