Advisory Board

Nick Bromley, MBA

Nick Bromley, MBA is Programme Manager at EU iCity Smart Cities, Greater London Authority.
Nick is leading the integration of transport with technology to create a “Smart Cities” infrastructure, using data from mobile networks to track and inform transport modeling, customer behavior change, and operations management. He comes from the IT industry where he worked with Fujitsu and Nokia, before setting up the Autonomy re-seller PFI Ltd.
An innovator, he developed a bus tracking system for WMPTE; designed and built the UK’s first branch car hire system for the Euro Dollar; led the business development of ICL’s transport business in Asia; and started Fujitsu’s eCommerce and eGovernment business. Nick was the lead architect for the government portals TradeUK and GlobalWatch, and early social media site eCommonwealth, before developing businesslink.
Nick earned his BSc in Earth Sciences, Physics, Geology, Geography, Computing/IT with honors at the University of Portsmouth in 1980. He earned his MBA in Finance, Operations Management, Marketing, Project Management, Economics, and People Development at Aston University in 1986. He completed the Transport for London Executive Programme at Warwick Business School in 2008.
Watch CW500: Nick Bromley, GLA and Smart Cities Panel — “Big Data Building a Smarter London”. Read his LinkedIn profile.