Advisory Board

Parish Mozdzierz

Parish Mozdzierz is the Deputy Editor of , a community of forward thinking individuals dedicated to discussing, celebrating, and creating a future geared towards an improved human condition.
He is also the Manager of Analytic Services for Amergent, Inc., a fundraising agency focused on improving direct mail and online campaigns for its nonprofit charitable client organizations. In this role, Parish has worked with many diverse organizations, from cancer research centers like Fox Chase Cancer Center, UCSF, UMiami Miller School of Medicine, and Duke Children’s Hospital, to regional food banks like the Greater Boston Food Bank and the Greater Chicago Food Depository, to PBS stations like WNET and WLIW in New York, to regional and international relief organizations including CRS, CARE, Catholic Medical Mission Board, and The Salvation Army, among others.
Parish is a member of NEDMA and the IEEE Computer Society. He is also a supporter of such groups as the Methuselah Foundation, the Rocky Mountain Institute, the MDA, and numerous PBS stations and cancer research organizations.